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INFO: What is hidden options in Pro/E?

INFO: What is hidden options in Pro/ENGINEER?

From the name, we understand that these options are hidden. So, how can it “hidden” and why it is hidden?

To make these options hidden, PTC does not list them in the reference manual. Besides, you are not able to get them thru the find tool in options windows.

PTC makes these options hidden because they are basically codes in the alpha state. Hence, the hidden options is not recommended and also not supported by PTC. Don’t worry; using hidden options will not cause any data corruption. Worst case, it may cause some unexpected exit. If you faced the unexpected exit too frequent, delete the hidden options and Pro/ENGINEER should works fine.

Clicks here to download the Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire2.0 reference manual.

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OKDownloads: Pro/E Wildfire2.0 configuration Options reference document

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