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TIPS: List of hidden in Pro/ENGINEER

TIPS: List of hidden in Pro/ENGINEER

Version: Pro/E 2001, Wildfire, Wildfire2.0, Wildfire3.0

Since it is called hidden, there is no official document that we can refer to. These are some of the hidden as I know off. I believe there is more hidden that is not listed in the table below. Should you find any, please feel free to share with us by sending an email to support(a)**

** (a) = @


Hidden options Description


(no, yes)

Resolving the problem when the assembly constrains ‘mate’ change to ‘insert’ when assembling components.


(no, yes)

error message : "cannot mirror some features of this part"

This is caused by the external references in the feature which we wish to mirror.


(no, yes)

Enable the all rounds options in the round tool.

You are able to select ‘all convex rounds’ or ‘all concave rounds’ or both together when set to yes.

For detail, please visit

TIPS: How to add rounds to all the sharp edges in Pro/E


(no, yes)

error message : "The UDF Tolerance Standard is Missing”

This happen when the system could not find the UDF’s reference part and hence could not update the UDF.


(no, yes)

Need to wait for a long time after creating a new part or renaming a part.

Pro/ENGINEER will check the search path listed in your if the same model name exists. This happen when you are using a high number of search path.


(Real Number) -tolerance

hlr – hidden line removal

Lines or planar surfaces which are within the angular tolerance are not visible in part or drawing mode.

>> Another similar options (hidden) in drawing options (*.dtl) “drw_hlr_normal_surface_tol”

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