Pro/rNGINEER Wildfire Tips & Tutorial (Pro/E Wildfire 4.0, Wildfire 3.0, Wildfire 2.0 and 2001)

TIPS: Reduce the Pro/ENGINEER file size

TIPS: Reduce the Pro/ENGINEER file size

Version: 2001, Wildfire, Wildfire2.0, Wildfire3.0

This is a very beneficially old technique which most of the experience pro/users know. However, for those who are new to Pro/ENGINEER, they may not hear about this.

Reducing the Pro/ENGINEER file size is important when we need to transfer the file via internet. For those who are still using dial-up connection, this technique can help them to save a significant amount of the transmission time. Other than that, when we are dealing with email, attachment size is always limited by the company mail or web mail service provider. Due to that, when we have a large file to send out, reducing the Pro/ENGINEEER file size is always the first step that come into our mind.

Most of the users use the data compression method to compress the file size. This is one of the fastest and most popular ways to reduce file size. By compressing the Pro/ENGINEER file, you can easily get more than 30%* of compression. However, this is not the technique that we are going to discuss. This time, we are talking about more than 80%* of file size reduction. How?

* The results are varies by Pro/ENGINEER file type and also different compression utility.

By suppressing all the features in Pro/ENGINEER, you will notice a big reduction in the file size. This technique is pretty simple. You can do this by

1. Select all the features in the model tree (except the first feature, normally datum plane / coordinate system), press and hold RMB, choose suppress.

2. Drag the insert here icon to the highest which ever you can reach in model tree

Pro/ENGINEER Tips - file size reduction

I did some simple study using different Pro/ENGINEER models to give you a brief understanding on the file size reduction. In the test, I was using the windows zip as the compression utility. All the numbers shown are in KB and the percentage is the size from the original .prt file.


Pro/ENGINEER Model - number of features (Original Size)
Direct Compression Suppress All Features Suppress + Compression


Solid modeling case 1 - 75 features (1295KB)
834KB (64%)
224KB (17%) 157KB (12%)
Solid modeling case 2 - 172 features (2092KB)
1116KB (53%) 490KB ( 23%) 198KB (9%)
Solid modeling case 3 - 350 features (21815KB)
5639KB (26%)
548KB (25%)
1888KB (9%)


Surface modeling case 4 - 21 features (1379KB)
1004KB (73%)
195KB (14%) 155KB (11%)
Surface modeling case 5 - 480 features (15489KB)
9430KB (60%)
2444KB (16%)
925KB (6%)


Sheetmetal Modeling case 6 - 24 features (420KB)
393KB (94%)
102KB (24%)
80KB (19%)
Sheetmetal Modeling case 7 - 62 features (2296KB)
1148KB (50%)
220KB (10%) 154KB (7%)

You may notice that we can easily get an 80% of the total reduction in file size by using this technique. There’s no guarantee on the 80% of reduction because the reduction will depends on the features involved. This technique is mostly applied to the part model. However, if your assembly contains a lot of assembly features, this technique can help to reduce the assembly file size as well.

On the other side, the recipient will need to resume all the suppressed features to get back the model. is an independent website providing tips and tutorials for Pro/ENGINEER users.
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