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TIPS: Set default Background Color in Pro/E Wildfire

TIPS: Set default Background Color in Pro/E Wildfire

Version: Pro/E Wildfire, Wildfire2.0, Wildfire3.0

How can I set the default background color for my Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire?

To set the background color for Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire, click view > Display Settings > System Colors from the menu

pro/E system colors

You can now set the desire background colors in the System Colors dialog box. You can choose to use a single color background or the blended background.

proe system colors

ProE Wildfire edit blended background color

If you are a Pro/E 2001 user and you prefer the Pro/E 2001 color scheme, click Scheme > Use Pre-Wildfire Scheme in the system colors dialog box menu.

pro/E system colors

Next save the setting, when you have done with your background color setting. System color will be saved as *scl file.

pro/E system colors

Important: You have not done with the background setting yet. To make it as your default system color, you need to add an option in the

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