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TIPS: Radial Pattern Axis Circle in Pro/Detail

TIPS: Radial Pattern Axis Circle in Pro/Detail

Version: 2001, Wildfire, Wildfire2.0, Wildfire3.0

Axes for pattern holes in Pro/ENGINEER Drawing normally display perpendicular to the screen. For this case, we may need to change the display to a shared circular axis type which will go thru the centre point of all the holes.

 Radial Pattern Axis Circle in Pro/Detail

A Drawing option is used to switch between these two different display modes.

To access the drawing options window, press and hold RMB at the drawing background (black color area) and choose Properties in the pop up menu. Besides, you can also click file > properties as the alternative way. Next, on the Menu manager, click Drawing Options.

file>properties drawing options

Scroll downwards in the Drawing Options window and look for the options category which controlled axes. Under this category, you will see an option called radial_pattern_axis_circle.

proe drawing options window

The default value for radial_pattern_axis_circle option is no* (* indicates the default value in Pro/E). Change the value to yes.

Radial_pattern_axis_circle Yes

Next, hit the Add/Change button and Apply button to accept the changes. The shared circular axis should appear in your drawing view.

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