Pro/rNGINEER Wildfire Tips & Tutorial (Pro/E Wildfire 4.0, Wildfire 3.0, Wildfire 2.0 and 2001)

About Pro/MOLD for Pro/ENGINEER

About Pro/MOLD for Pro/ENGINEER

Version: Pro/E Wildfire, Wildfire2.0, Wildfire3.0

ProE Pro/MOLD - core cavity

Pro/MOLD is an optional module that runs on top of Pro/ENGINEER. This module provides specific tools which help you to design your molds easier and faster. Pro/MOLD is suitable for plastics part mold maker as well as die casting mold maker.

By default, Pro/MOLD is installed during the standard Pro/ENGINEER installation but you will need to have a Pro/MOLD license to run the application. [Pro/MOLD is currently packaged under Tool Design Option (TDO) by PTC]

To access the Pro/Mold environment, click File > New and choose Manufacturing and Mold Cavity from the option.

ProE New Mfg Mold

Pro/Mold menu manager and icons/tools appear in Pro/MOLD environment. The icons are listed with process driven approach which you can just follow the icons sequences from top to bottom when designing a mold cavity.

Below is the description for each icon.

Pro/Mold Define part Placement Insert Part / Define Part Placement

Pro/MOLD Shrinkage Define Shrinkage

Pro/Mold insert Workpiece Define Workpiece

Pro/Mold create Volumes / Sliders Create Volume (Slider and Insert)

Pro/Mold Silhouette Curve (Parting Line) Create Silhouette Curve (Parting Line)

Pro/Mold Skirt Surface (Parting Surface) Create Parting Surface (Skirting Surface)

Pro/Mold Split Volumes Split Mold Volume

ProE Pro/MOLD solidify mold volumes Create Mold Component (Solidify Mold Volume)

Pro/Mold Trim mold component / volumes Trim Mold Volume

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