Pro/rNGINEER Wildfire Tips & Tutorial (Pro/E Wildfire 4.0, Wildfire 3.0, Wildfire 2.0 and 2001)

TUTORIAL: Basic Mold Design with Pro/MOLD in Pro/E (Part 1)

TUTORIAL: Basic Mold Design with Pro/MOLD in Pro/E (Part 1)

Version: ProE Wildfire, Wildfire2.0, Wildfire3.0

This tutorial will guide you thru on how to design a mold cavity using Pro/MOLD in Pro/ENGINEER. A simple mobile phone casing is being use in this tutorial which it does not contain any slider and insert in the mold. The objective of this tutorial is to help you to understand the process flow of the mold design.

Below is the process flow chart of mold design for a simple part in Pro/MOLD (clear parting line, no undercut, and no slider / insert / side core)

Pre – Mold Design

Draft Angle and Thickness Check
Create a new Manufacturing Mold Cavity file
and insert the part
Apply Shrinkage Factor
Create Workpiece
Create Parting Line
Create Parting Surface

Split Workpiece into Mold Volumes

by using the Parting Surface
Extract the Mold Volumes to Solid Components
Mold Opening and Interference Check

* Processes indicated in yellow are the steps which includes in this tutorial.



Click here to download the sample part file before begin the tutorial.

1. Open the cover_start.prt file and resume the suppressed feature.

Handphone case - ProE Part

2. Click File > New and choose Manufacturing and Mold Cavity from the option. Give a proper name for the mold.

ProE create ne mfg Mold cavity

3. You should now enter the Pro/MOLD environment. A set of Pro/MOLD icons and the mfg mold template should appear. Your screen should looks as shown below.

ProE Pro/Mold icons / tools

ProE mfg mold start

4. Click the Insert Part Icon ProE define part placement icon to insert the cover_start.prt. After that, the Create Reference Model dialog box and Layout dialog box will prompt part placement defination. In this tutorial, select the Same Model > OK and then Single > OK in the corresponding dialog box.

ProE Pro/Mold create reference model

ProE Pro/Mold Mould layout dialog box

Press the OK button on the accuracy confirmation dialog box when it prompts. The mobile phone case should now appear in the mold model by now.

ProE Mfg Mold screen with pull direction

5. Click the Shrinkage by Scale icon ProE Pro/Mold shrinkage icon to define the shrinkage factor for the plastic part. Select the coordinate system in the part and input the shrinkage ratio in the shrinkage dialog box. (Example: 0.005 for 0.5%)

ProE Pro/MOLD Shrinkage dialog box

A Shrinkage feature is added into your part model tree.

ProE Modeltree with Shrinkage feature


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