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TIPS: Restricted Parameters in Pro/ENGINEER

TIPS: Can I create a combo box / drop down list for my parameter?

Version: 2001, Wildfire, Wildfire 2.0, Wildfire 3.0

Standardizing the value of a parameter in Pro/ENGINEER becomes a difficult task when you have a few engineers in the company. Take Material as the example; value such as Alu6061, Alu_6061, Aluminum 6061, Aluminum_6061 and so on are usually found as the different representation.

In this case, restricted parameters can be used to control and standardize all the commons parameters. A drop down list / combo box will be introduced to the parameter name and parameter value in the parameter dialog box.

Restricted Parameter operates using a restriction definition file. The restriction definition file is basically a text file with an extension of (*.lst), example: parameter.lst. It defines the parameter name, type, and values.

Below is a sample of restriction parameter definition file.


ND_ParamDefArr_K01 = {

{ Name = Author

Type = string

Default = 'Simon'

Enum = { 'Simon', 'David', 'Thomas'}

Access = Limited


{ Name = PArt_Number

Type = Integer

Default = 1000

Range = [1000 , 9999]


{ Name = Cost

Type = Real

Default = 188.80

Range = [0 , 2000]


{ Name = meterial

Type = String

Default = 'steel'

Enum = { 'steel', 'cast_iron', 'alu6061', 'cooper', 'ABS', 'Zinc'}




Click here to download the sample file: parameter.lst

To load the restricted parameter file, you need to specify the path to the restriction definition file in configuration option ( Example:

restricted_val_definition X:\proengineertips\parameter.lst

This configuration is loaded only when Pro/ENGINEER is started. So after you set the configuration, you will need to save the file and re-launch the program.

You should see the message as shown below in the message area after the new launch.

>> The External File for Restricted Parameters has been read in. X:\proengineertips\parameter.lst.

Next, to apply the restricted parameter, click Tools > Parameters and click the add buttonadd button. A small check box appears in the restricted column. Check it.

Restricted parameter

After you check the restricted parameter check box, you can now access to all the parameters in the definition file and their values.

Restricted parameter

** Remember: Once you define a restricted parameter. The same parameter name is reserved and cannot be used again as regular parameters. is an independent website providing tips and tutorials for Pro/ENGINEER users.
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