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TUTORIAL: Create CAM profile with Datum Graph in Pro/E

TUTORIAL: Create CAM profile using Graph feature in Pro/E

Version: Pro/E Wildfire, Wildfire2.0, Wildfire3.0

Is there any tool in Pro/E that can do CAM profile design?

Pro/E datum graph : CAM design

Automation equipment designers always face difficulty to model, to simulate and to control CAM profile which it normally consume a lot of time thru the ‘try and error’ methodology.

Pro/ENGINEER comes with tools to design as well as tools to simulate the CAM profile. For design, we can use the datum graph feature to drive the CAM diameter in the model. This enables us to control the dimension thru the rotation angle of the CAM profile. Besides,we can use the Mechanism Design module (MDX) to run a virtual simulation for the kinematics.

Datum graph feature work together with variable section sweep feature by applying a relation. Below is a tutorial shows how to create a CAM profile.

1. Create a new file and sketch a circle as the trajectory for the CAM profile.

Pro/E datum graph

2. Next, we are going to create the datum graph feature. (Insert > model datum > graph)

Pro/E datum graph command

3. At the message area, key in a name for the graph, say: CAM

Pro/E datum graph name

4. You should now enter the sketch mode. Sketch a graph as shown below.

Pro/E datum graph : sketch graph

** Remember to place a coordinate system (see bottom left), which represent the start point. After that, you should get a new feature Pro/E datum graph icon in the model tree.

5. Select variable section sweep icon and the variable section sweep dashboard appears

variable section sweep dashboard

6. Next, select the trajectory.

select trajectory pro/E

7. The sketch icon pro/E sketch icon dashboard on the dashboard should now been activated. Click it to sketch the sweep profile. Draw a rectangular from the intersection of centerlines and dimension the rectangular as shown below.

Pro/E datum graph : sweep profile

>> Note that, the variable section sweep feature will give you the result as below if you click the check now.

pro/e sweeppro/e sweep

This is nothing different to the normal sweep feature. To design a CAM profile, the length of the rectangular (60.00) should vary versus rotational angle. Variable section sweep in Pro/E allows you to do so.

8. Continue from step no. 7 (sketch mode), click Tools > Relations. Type in the relation as below.

sd# = evalgraph(“graph_name”, trajpar*graph_X)

sd# sketch dimension (60.00)
evalgraph Graph evaluation function which enables you to drive dimensions through relations
graph_name datum graph feature name
trajpar trajectory parameter for trajectory. The value is always from 0 to 1.
Graph_X referred to the X length in graph feature. I’ve set the length (X axis) to 360 because the dimension to be driven is about 360 degree for this case

Example: sd4 = evalgraph(“CAM”, trajpar*360)

9. Next, hit the check mark for sketch mode pro/e sketch check to commit the sketch. After that, hit the check mark pro/e wildfire dashboard check on the dashboard to confirm the feature. By now, the CAM profile should be created. You can modify the CAM profile by modifying the graph feature.

Pro/E datum graph : CAM design

Pro/E datum graph : CAM design

Click here to download the final Pro/E CAM model (cam_design.prt). Noticed that there are 3 graph features in the downloaded Pro/E model. Image below shows the model tree of cam_design.prt

Pro/E datum graph model tree

Change the relation from CAM to CAM01 and CAM02 will give you the result as below.

Pro/E datum graph : CAM design

Pro/E datum graph : CAM design

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