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TUTORIAL: Partial shell in Pro/E Wildfire3.0

TUTORIAL: Create partial shell feature in Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0

Version: Wildfire 3.0 Only

Most of the time, we may need to reorder feature when we want to create a shell feature at the final stage of design. Feature reorder is necessary when some of the surfaces need to be excluded from the shell. This is normally due to the design intent or the shell could not been created at particular wall thickness.

After adding the shell feature by insert mode, feature reorder may cause failure of regeneration. Some failures consume time to fix and some are not able to be solved. Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0 introduces partial shell as the solution to increase its capability and flexibility.

Download the example file here and proceed with the tutorial.

1. Open the partialshell_start.prt file.

partial shell wildfire 3.0

2. Click Insert > Shell tool from the menu or click the Shell icon sheel icon to activate the shell command. The light weight preview and the shell tool dashboard will appear on the display.

partial shell in proe wildfire 3.0

shell dashboard

3. The system prompts you to select the surfaces which to be removed in the shell feature. Selected surface will be is highlighted in red color.

partial shell in proe wildfire 3.0

4. RMB clicks and holds, select Exclude Surfaces from the context sensitive pop-up menu.


5. Next, select the surfaces which you want to exclude. Press and hold the ctrl key for multi surface selection.

partial shell in proe wildfire 3.0

6. Click the check mark ok on the dashboard to accept the feature. The final model should looks like this.

partial shell in proe wildfire 3.0

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