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TIPS: (New Feature) Auto Round in Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0

TIPS: (New Feature) Auto Round in Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0

Version: ProE Wildfire4.0

ProE Wildfire4 auto round feature

The approach of this new feature is similar to the “allow_round_all” hidden for ProE 2001, Wildfire, Wildfire2.0 and Wildfire3.0


If you are using ProE pre-Wildfire 4.0 versions, you can refer the tips below:

TIPS: How to add rounds to all the sharp edges in Pro/ENGINEER


1. Open a part file which you want to remove all its sharp edge.

ProE Wildfire4 auto round - start

2. Activate the Insert > Auto Round command from the top menu.

ProE Wildfire4 auto round command menu

3. The new auto round dashboard appears.

ProE Wildfire4 auto round dashboard

You can set different radius dimension for the convex round and concave round. The left text field is for convex round and the right for concave.

Convex: curving outward, outside curvature.
Remove material thru the rounds feature in Pro/ENGINEER.

Concave: curving inward, inside curvature.
Add material thru the round feature in Pro/ENGINEER

Other controls in Auto Round Dashboard.

ProE Wildfire4 auto round scope

ProE Wildfire4 auto round exclude

ProE Wildfire4 auto round options


4. When you are done, hit the check icon to proceed. The auto round player appears to indicate the progress of the auto round. Please note that the time needed to apply auto round will depends on the complexity of a part.

ProE Wildfire4 auto round player

The image below shows the part with the completed auto round feature.

ProE Wildfire4 auto round done


** Auto Round is an intelligent feature. Objects with size smaller than the round radius will be skipped in the auto round process. See image below.

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