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TIPS: Form Feature in Pro/E Pro/SheetMetal

TIPS: Form Feature in Pro/SheetMetal

Version: 2001, Wildfire, Wildfire2.0, Wildfire3.0

Sheetmetal form feature require a reference part (tooling) to merge the tool geometry to the sheet metal part in Pro/ENGINEER. So, before creating a form feature in Pro/SheetMetal, you are required to prepare the reference part (tooling) first. There are two types of reference part which you can choose to use, punch or die. Both types basically can create the same result.

The image below illustrates the punch and dies in brief. No specific feature needed to create punch and dies. They are just a solid model with part file format (*.prt).

Pro/ENGINEER Sheetmetal Form Feature


Punch uses its entire geometry to create the form feature. Form feature is created by merging the interfaced punch geometry and the Sheetmetal part.

Pro/ENGINEER Sheetmetal Form Punch Pro/ENGINEER Sheetmetal Form Punch

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Dies using the specific reference geometries to create the form feature. Dies uses boundary plane and seed surface to specify the form geometry. Form feature is created when the specify form geometry interface with the Sheetmetal part. Using dies, you are able to create convex or/and concave form feature.

Pro/ENGINEER Sheetmetal Form Die Pro/ENGINEER Sheetmetal Form Die

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