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TUTORIAL: Modify bend radius during SM conversion

TUTORIAL: Modify bend radius during Sheetmetal conversion

Version: 2001, Wildfire, Wildfire 2.0 & Wildfire 3.0

Pro/ENGINEER takes the default bend radius side and bend radius dimension from Sheetmetal parameters when a conversion is created. The default bend is always an inside radius type with the radius dimension of thickness value. After the rips are created, you can still able to modify the bend radius dimension at specific bend.

This tutorial is continuing from Solid-Sheetmetal Conversion tutorial. Click the link below to proceed to the earlier tutorial.

TUTORIAL: Solid to Sheetmetal Model Conversion

To start directly with this tutorial, download the files here .

1. Open cube_SM.prt


2. In the model tree, right click the Smt Conversion feature and select edit definition.

proe model tree

3. With the Sheetmetal conversion dialog box open, double click the bends element

Sheetmetal conversion bend

4. Next, choose the bends which you wish to modify. Noticed that the color of the edge change thru the mouse over. You can perform a multiple selection by putting multiple checks. Hit the OK button when you are done.

Sheetmetal conversion bend menu managerSheetmetal conversion bendSheetmetal conversion bend confirmation

5. A Bend Pieces dialog box appears. Pick the radius in the element column and clicks define.

Sheetmetal conversion bend options

6. Now, you can define the radius dimension by these 3 options - thickness, 2 X thickness or specify a value. For this case, I choose to enter an value.

Sheetmetal conversion bend menu managerSheetmetal conversion bend bend radius

** Please note that the default radius type is inside radius, so the minimum bend radius that you should put in is 0; if you change it to outside radius type, the minimum value would be the thickness value.

7. Hit the Done Sets from the menu manager to confirm the changes made. Your part should have some non-default radius by now.

Sheetmetal conversion bend menu managerSheetmetal conversion bend

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