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TUTORIAL: Pro/E Sheetmetal – Unattached Flat Wall

TUTORIAL: Pro/E Basic Sheetmetal Design (Part 1) – Unattached Flat Wall

Version: Pro/E Wildfire 2.0

Sheetmetal modeling in Pro/E consists of a different set of features that help us to create Sheetmetal model faster and more accurate. Features like bend, unbend, punch, Sheetmetal cut, corner relief, form, extended wall, flat pattern etc are created for Sheetmetal part modeling.

Most of the Pro/E Sheetmetal features are still using the menu manager (pre-Wildfire) interface. For example: none of Sheetmetal feature was being modernized in Pro/E Wildfire. Only two features (create flat wall and create flange wall) were modernized in Pro/E Wildfire 2.0 and new interface for first wall and Sheetmetal cut is introduced in Pro/E Wildfire 3.0. As what I can say, so far, more than 50% of the Sheetmetal feature has not been modernized yet.

There are many Wildfire users who are not familiar to the old interface. This tutorial is created base on Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 2.0.

1. To create a new Sheetmetal part, click new pro/e new, then select part and Sheetmetal in the dialog box.
create pro/e sheetmetal new

2. A set of Sheetmetal icons appear to you. You should notice that almost all the icons are set inactive except the unattached wall. Let us create the first wall of Sheetmetal part using unattached flat wall pro/e sheetmetal unattached flat wall.

3. The unattached flat wall’s dialog box and menu manager appears. The system is now waiting for the sketching plane input.

pro/E sheetmetal flat wall dialog box

pro/E sheetmetal flat wall menu manager

4. Pick the plane which you want to start a sketch

pro/E sheetmetal flat wall sketching plane

5. Next, you will need to specify the sketching plane direction. Choose the direction and pick Okay

pro/E sheetmetal flat wall sketch direction

pro/E sheetmetal flat wall sketch direction menu

6. After that specify the view orientation for your sketch. Pick default for default orientation

pro/E sheetmetal flat wall sketch orientation

7. You are now entering the sketch mode. Sketch the desire shape and press the check button pro/e sketch OK

proe sketch

8. At the message area, you will need to input the Sheetmetal thickness. After that, click the OK button in the dialog box to confirm the feature creation.

pro/E sheetmetal flat wall enter thickness

pro/E sheetmetal flat wall

10. Sheetmetal flat wall is created.

pro/E sheetmetal flat wall done

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