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TUTORIAL: Solid - Sheetmetal Conversion in Pro/E

TUTORIAL: Solid to Sheetmetal Model Conversion.

Version: 2001, Wildfire, Wildfire 2.0, Wildfire 3.0

For some reason, it is more appropriate to start a solid part first and convert it to the sheetmetal part later. This method normally being used due to the design intent or time consumed. Pro/ENGINEER offers some powerful tools to make most of the conversion happen successfully. Below is the steps to create the sheetmetal conversion.

A simple sheetmetal box is being used as the sample part to show a fast and direct result.
Download the example here .

1. Open the cube_start.prt file.
pro/e solid part

2. Click Applications > Sheetmetal. Menu manager will be prompted at the top right of your display.

pro/e application menu

3. Choose Shell to remove the inside material of the part. The system will then prompt you to select the face / surface which you want to remove. You can select the surfaces to be removed or you can ignore the Add command by clicking the Done Refs button. Doing this will create a hollow part as the result.

menu manager menu manager

4. Next, you need to define the thickness for the sheetmetal part. Key in a value and ENTER.

message area

5. Switch the display to the wireframe mode.


The wireframe now turned into 2 colors, green and white. The colors basically indicate 2 different side of Sheetmetal.

sheetmetal wireframe

6. You will also get a set of Sheetmetal icons on the UI.


7. If you wish to set the default value of bend radius, clickthe link below to get more tips; otherwise you can skip this step.

TIPS: Set the default bend radius for Sheetmetal part

8. Click the create conversion icon Image. SMT CONVERSION windows will be prompted. Choose Edge Rip and Define. Read the command at the message area.
conversion dialog box menu manager

message area

9. Pick the edges which you want to create edge rip. For this example, 7 edges are selected. See the figure below for reference. Selected edges are in blue color.

selection for edge rip

10. Pick the OK button in the SMT CONVERSION window. The edge rips are created. Besides, Sheetmetal bend is also created automatically.
pro/e sheetmetal part pro/e sheetmetal part

11. You can now use the create flat pattern tool Image to develop the unbend part. sheetmetal flatten

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