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TUTORIAL: Sketcher Palette in Pro/E Wildfire3.0

TUTORIAL: Using Sketcher Palette in Pro/E Wildfire 3.0

Version: Wildfire 3.0 Only

In Pro|ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0, you can insert the commonly used predefined sections from the new sketcher palette. The default sections including these categories:

• Polygons
• Profiles
• Shapes
• Stars

To activate the sketch palette, click the sketcher palette icon sketcher palette icon from the sketcher toolbar. The sketcher palette dialog box appears.

sketcher palette in Wildfire 3.0

There are more than 30 default sections installed under these categories.

Polygons: triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, nonagon, decagon, dodecagon, hexdecagon, icosagon.

Profiles: c_profile, i_profile, L_profile, T_profile.

Shapes: arc_racetrack, cross, oval, racetrack, rounded_rectangular, wave_1, wave_2

Stars: 3_tip_star, 4_tip_star, 5_tip_star, 6_tip_star, 7_tip_star, 8_tip_star, 9_tip_star, 10_tip_star, 12_tip_star, 16_tip_star, 20_tip_star.

The figure below illustrates all the sections that preinstalled in Pro|ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0 under each category.

default sketcher profiles

To place a section into your sketch, double-click the section thumbnail and LMB clicks to select the position to place.

After double-click at the section thumbnail, you should notice that the cursor/pointer change to pointer add when you move outside the sketcher palette window.

Scale Rotate dialog box appear to allow you to move, scale and rotate the section as you want.

pro/engineer sketcher scale & rotate

Click the check button ok in the Scale Rotate dialog box to accept the changes you made.

The section is now inserted into your sketch.

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