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TUTORIAL: Surface Modeling in Pro/E Wildfire – Thicken Surface (Bottle Tutorial 8)

TUTORIAL: Surface Modeling in Pro/E Wildfire – Thicken Surface (Bottle Tutorial 8)

Versions: Pro/E Wildfire, Wildfire2.0, Wildfire3.0

In this tutorial, we are going to convert the bottle’s model from surface to solid by using the thicken tool. Thicken tool is one of the tool for us to turn a surface model to solid model in Pro/ENGINEER.

ProE Wildfire thicken bottle tutorial


You can continue using the model from the previous Bottle’s Surface Modeling tutorial or download the file used in this tutorial by clicking here – Part8 (bottle_08.prt ).

1. Open the bottle_08.prt file and resumes the suppressed features. The model’s wireframe in purple and magenta shows the model is in quilt. (Skip this step if you are continuing developing from previous Bottle’s Surface Modeling tutorial)

ProE Thicken tutorial start ProE Thicken tutorial start - wireframe

2. We need to make selection first to get the thicken tool activated. For this tutorial, select the bottle’s quilt as shown below.

ProE Thicken tutorial - select quilt

3. In the top menu, pick Edit > Thicken for the thicken tool and the thicken dashboard should appears at the message area.

ProE Thicken command

ProE Thicken dashboard

The bottle’s model should now display in light weight preview. The yellow arrow indicates the side which the material to be added. Click the arrow to flip the material side if needed.

ProE Thicken tutorial - material side

4. When you are done, pick the check Dashboard check - confirmation on the dashboard to confirm the thicken feature. The model’s wireframe color should turn into white (or its appearance color if set any) after it become solid.

ProE Thicken tutorial - bottle done ProE Thicken tutorial - bottle done - wireframe
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