Pro/rNGINEER Wildfire Tips & Tutorial (Pro/E Wildfire 4.0, Wildfire 3.0, Wildfire 2.0 and 2001)

TUTORIAL: Surface Modeling in Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire – Revolve (Bottle Tutorial 1)

TUTORIAL: Surface Modeling in Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire – Revolve (Bottle Tutorial 1)

Versions: Pro/E Wildfire, Wildfire2.0, Wildfire3.0

This tutorial is the 1st step of the Bottle’s Surface Modeling tutorial for Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire. The feature covered in this tutorial is Revolve, a basic surface modeling tool.

Revolve feature has been modernized since the first ProE Wildfire version. Revolve dashboard will appears when you activate the revolve command. Options on revolve dashboard include protrusion, surface, thin protrusion and cut (remove material). This tutorial, we are going to create a revolve surface.

Click here to download the file used in this tutorial.

1. Open the bottle_01.prt and resumes the suppressed features. The model should looks like image shown below.

ProE surface modeling - Bottle tutorial Revolve

2. To create revolve surface, click insert > revolve ProE Revolve icon. After that, click the surface options ProE Revolve option - Surface in the revolve tool dashboard.

ProE revolve dashboard

3. Next, press and hold the right mouse button (RMB), select Define Internal Sketch from the pops up menu.

ProE revolve RMB menu

4. Select the CTR_TOP plane as the sketching plane and DTM2 for sketch orientation plane. When you are done, hit the sketch button or press the middle mouse button (MMB) to start the sketch.

Sketch preferences in ProE

5. Draw lines and dimension the sketch as shown in the image below

bottlr tutorial revolve sketch

6. Click the check button ProE sketcher check to confirm the sketch. You should get the light weight preview for the Revolve Surface by now.

ProE Bottle tutorial revolve preview

7. Next hit the check button ProE dashboard check on the dashboard to confirm the revolve surface.

ProE Bottle tutorial revolve surface done
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